Title Type Author Date Size Tags
No.57 Complete .pdf September 25, 2013 1.72 MB Download
Editorial .pdf Wayne Hugo September 25, 2013 786.34 KB Download
Operationalising higher education and human development. A capabilities-based ethic for professional education .pdf Melanie Walker and Monica McLean September 25, 2013 349.82 KB Download
Professionalism in South African education. The challenges of developing treacher professional knowledge, practice, identity and voice .pdf Francine de Clercq September 25, 2013 359.67 KB Download
Coherent discourse and early number teaching .pdf Devika Naidoo and Hamsa Venkat September 25, 2013 429.52 KB Download
Mediating self-regulation in kindergarten classrooms. An exploratory case study of early childhood education in South Africa .pdf Giulietta Harrison and Azwihangwisi Muthivhi September 25, 2013 362.77 KB Download
I had no time to bleed. Heroic journeys of PhD students in a South African School of Education .pdf Jane Castle September 25, 2013 277.80 KB Download
The state of school libraries in South Africa .pdf Margie Paton-Ash and Di Wilmot September 25, 2013 512.62 KB Download

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