Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Complete issue .pdf March 20, 2013 3.43 MB Download
Editorial .pdf Wayne Hugo March 20, 2013 229.04 KB Download
Spatialised assemblages and suppressions. The learning 'positioning' of Grade 6 students in a township school .pdf Aslam Fataar and Lucinda du Plooy March 20, 2013 334.03 KB Download
Childhood memories that matter, a reflexive analysis of a gender study in Lesotho .pdf Pholoho Morojele March 20, 2013 358.27 KB Download
New pedagogy, old pedagogic structures. A fork-tongued discourse in Namibian teacher education reform .pdf John Nyambe and Di Wilmot March 20, 2013 419.33 KB Download
Teaching-learning and curriculum development for human rights education, two sides of the same coin .pdf Petro du Preez, Shan Simmonds and Cornelia Roux March 20, 2013 444.25 KB Download
University community service and its contributions to the Millennium Development Goals, a pan-African research project .pdf Dorothy Nampota and Julia Preece March 20, 2013 2.14 MB Download
In class. Poverty, social exclusion and school access in South Africa .pdf Veerle Dieltiens and Sarah Meny-Gibert March 20, 2013 272.37 KB Download
Factors that drive and shape parents' expectations of teachers .pdf Lorinda Minnaar and Jan Heystek March 20, 2013 782.48 KB Download

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