Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Editorial .pdf Wayne Hugo March 30, 2016 244.47 KB Download
Teachers dealing with learners' achievement. What do their emotions tell us. .pdf Carola Steinberg March 30, 2016 351.77 KB Download
Using legimation code theory to track pedagogic practice in a South African English home language poetry lesson .pdf Fiona Jackson March 30, 2016 725.58 KB Download
Skilled reading in isiZulu. What can we learn from it. .pdf Sandra Land March 30, 2016 523.84 KB Download
Consequences of the progression law in the FET phase. A case study .pdf Angela Stott, Hercules Dreyer and Peet Venter March 30, 2016 1.22 MB Download
Teacher salary differentials using Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). A South African perspective as both a 'source' and 'destination' country .pdf Gavin George and Bruce Rhodes March 30, 2016 472.90 KB Download
Principals' perspectives on key factors that contribute to sustainable quality education .pdf Jan Heystek and Lorinda Minnaar March 30, 2016 854.98 KB Download
JoE 63 complete .pdf March 30, 2016 2.91 MB Download

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