Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Complete Issue .pdf May 10, 2011 1.03 MB Download
Editorial .pdf May 10, 2011 100.79 KB Download
Researching HIV AIDS and education in Sub-Saharan Africa examining the gaps and challenges .pdf Jean Baxen and Anders Breidlid May 10, 2011 172.28 KB Download
Social justice and inclusion in education and politics the South African case .pdf Shirley Pendlebury and Penny Enslin May 10, 2011 213.72 KB Download
Outcomes based quality assurance What do we have to lose .pdf Yael Shalem, Stephanie Matseleng Allais, Carola Steinberg May 10, 2011 406.46 KB Download
Research learning .pdf Jonathan Jansen, Chaya Herman and Venitha Pillay May 10, 2011 230.94 KB Download
Pedagogic hierarchies Plato and Bernstein .pdf Wayne Hugo May 10, 2011 254.00 KB Download
Revisiting the African-Africana philosophy of education debate implications for university teaching .pdf Yusef Waghid May 10, 2011 139.44 KB Download
(South) African(a) philosophy of education a reply to Higgs and Parker .pdf Lesley le Grange May 10, 2011 120.15 KB Download
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