Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Complete issue Special issue Memory and Pedagogy .pdf October 03, 2012 1.03 MB Download
Editorial Editorial .pdf Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Claudia Mitchell and Daisy Pillay October 03, 2012 265.56 KB Download
Pattman Investigating student memories of cross racial mixing in a postgraduate sociology class in a South African university .pdf Rob October 03, 2012 264.21 KB Download
Hemson Crossing from violence to nonviolence: pedagogy and memory .pdf Crispin October 03, 2012 318.48 KB Download
Hobden Memories of their mathematics teachers: implications for pedagogy .pdf Sally October 03, 2012 303.46 KB Download
Maistry Using memory as a resource for pedagogy: fashioning a 'bridging pedagogical moment' .pdf Murthee Maistry October 03, 2012 321.70 KB Download
Singh Strutting and fretting, a drama education retrospective .pdf Lorraine Singh October 03, 2012 323.32 KB Download
Tobias An enquiry into the effects of my early learning experiences on my current teacher practice .pdf Sam Tobias October 03, 2012 299.08 KB Download
Masinga Journeys to self-knowledge: methodological reflections on using memory-work in a participatory study of teachers as sexuality educators .pdf Lungile Masinga October 03, 2012 363.70 KB Download

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