Title Type Author Date Size Tags
joe 30 .pdf November 12, 2014 725.05 KB Download
joe 30 editorial .pdf Editorial Committee November 12, 2014 83.33 KB Download
joe 30 higgs African philosophy and the transformation of educational discourse in South Africa .pdf Philip Higgs November 12, 2014 127.37 KB Download
joe 30 parker Back on the chain gang: some difficulties in developing a (South) African philosophy of education .pdf Ben Parker November 12, 2014 130.18 KB Download
joe 30 skinner Why (education) policy can't be implemented these days: some philosophical considerations .pdf Jane Skinner November 12, 2014 128.50 KB Download
joe 30 prinsloo Schooled inequalities - a comparison of the language syllabuses for English, Afrikaans and Bantu languages of the 1970s .pdf Jeanne Prinsloo November 12, 2014 168.93 KB Download
joe 30 moore Between covenant and contract: the negotiation of academic pedagogic identities .pdf Rob Moore November 12, 2014 166.94 KB Download
joe 30 muller Knowledge and the limits to institutional restructuring: the case of South African higher education .pdf Johan Muller November 12, 2014 174.52 KB Download
joe 30 ward et al Why do education policies in East Africa fail? What's changing .pdf Michael Ward, Jo Bourne, Alan Penny and Mark Poston November 12, 2014 161.04 KB Download
joe 30 ngcobo Book Review. Schools as organisations .pdf Thandi Ngcobo November 12, 2014 109.87 KB Download
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