Title Type Author Date Size Tags
JoE complete .pdf January 30, 2017 18.60 MB Download
Editorial .pdf Wayne Hugo January 30, 2017 766.38 KB Download
The what and how in scripted lesson plans. The case of the Gauteng Primary Language and Mathematics Strategy .pdf Yael Shalem, Carola Steinberg, Hannchen Koornhof and Francine De Clercq January 30, 2017 653.38 KB Download
A systems thinking perspective on change processes in a Teacher Professional Development programme .pdf Bruce Brown January 30, 2017 386.75 KB Download
Knowledge and knowers in teaching and learning. An enhanced approach to curriculum alignment .pdf Sherran Clarence January 30, 2017 378.52 KB Download
Doing something in life. Rural youth reimagining technical vocational education and training .pdf Lucky Maluleke and Anne Harley January 30, 2017 326.99 KB Download
Proxies and perplexities. What is the current state of adult (il)literacy in South Africa .pdf John Aitchison January 30, 2017 796.11 KB Download
Academic interaction with social partners in the case from the University of Limpopo .pdf Marota Aphane, Oliver Mtapuri, Chris Burman and Naftali Mollel January 30, 2017 506.42 KB Download
A capability analysis on the implementation of the school progression policy and its impact on learner performance .pdf Paul Munje and Rouaan Maarman January 30, 2017 421.32 KB Download
It was an oasis in a busy life. The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development writing retreat .pdf Jane Castle and Moyra Keane January 30, 2017 311.83 KB Download

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